Planning Committee


The planning committee is made up of 11 Parish Councillors and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council may also attend the meetings ex-officio.   Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council is the local planning authority which determines planning applications however the Parish Council is sent a copy of all applications made in Ditton and invited to comment as they know the area and are better placed to comment if an application is "in keeping" or could be detrimental to the area.

All planning appliations can be viewed on line on the Planning Portal section of the TMBC website.

Committee Members

Cllr. M J Porter

Cllr. A Piper

Cllr. J Beadle

Cllr. Mrs J F Thwaites

Cllr. A R Mulcuck

Cllr. Mrs A Throssell

Cllr. Mrs A R Beadle

Cllr. P Dalton

Cllr. J E Lover

Past Meetings