At the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 27th April, the Chairman made awards to all the local business in Ditton that had taken part in the Voluntary Litter Code.  Also Awards for Outstanding Contributions to the Community were made to Sheila Farmer and Gary and Coral Smith for their contribution to the Annual Village Show, to John Sellick for his long service as a Governor to Ditton Infant School and to Laurence Snook for his work with Comunigrow.   Special thank you awards were given to outgoing Borough Councillors Mrs Carol Gale and Mrs Jeanett Bellamy and to Rev Priscilla Payne for her dedication to people of Ditton.  The awards were followed by very interesting and informative talks by Laurence Snook and Richenda Malone about Communigrow and Rev Priscilla Payne about her work as Assistant Minister for Ditton.  These were then followed by reports from each Committee and the Chairman of the Council.