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The prestigious Oaken Hall is available for hire on Friday nights.

Week nights available for hire in the Don Carman Hall
Is your club or group looking for somewhere to meet?
Need a hall or venue locally??  Ditton Community Centre is ready for you!

Best kept Garden 2013

We are changing the format this year and residents wishing to enter the competition should enter their details on to the application form on the back of the June copy of the Gazette, ticking which category they wish to be judged on.

In addition to ‘well maintained’ the judges will add ‘wildlife friendly’ to their judging criteria this year.

1) Front Garden
2) Hanging Baskets
3) Pots and Containers

Judging will take place in the week commencing 20TH July 2013. All winners will be notified in writing and invited to a presentation evening in the Kilnbarn on Monday 2nd September 2013.

Please hand entry forms into the Parish Office no later than Tuesday 9th July. Please note winners from the previous three years will not be eligible for entry.

Oaken Wood Campaign*

The Woodland Trust is raising public awareness possible changes of land use in Oaken Wood.   Substantial portions of ancient woodland at Oaken Wood may be lost by the extension of near-by Hermitage Quarry.  To read more about this and a public appeal, please download this PDF file.

NOTE*: The Oaken Wood information leaflet and public appeal is wholly the responsibility of The Woodland Trust. Ditton Parish Council are completely independent of this initiative and are not a part of the appeal.

Look >> 101 is the new national non-emergency number to contact Police in your area

Residents in the Kent policing area should now call 101 to contact their local officer, make an enquiry and to report non-urgent crimes. The old non emergency number 01622 690690 is being phased out.

Update 17-1-2013:  Local Police are advising residents to be vigilant as there has been a spate of shed burglaries in Ditton village. Also, local Crime Figures are now able to be accessed via website www.police.uk by residents.

image of Ditton: The Story of an Kentish Village book cover

DITTON The Story of a Kentish Village

This new book published by Alan Dodge and the Ditton Heritage Centre, traces the history of Ditton from the Stone Age to today. It tells the story of a small farming community of four farms, two mills and a church, which by 1801 had a population of only 98. The book commences with an introductory chapter that describes the different parts of the village with the origin of names of places and fields. There is a brief account of local geology. Subsequent chapters are entitled; Prehistoric and Roman History; A Saxon and Norman Community; Medieval Times; The Reformation to the Restoration; A Georgian Village; A Victorian Village; War and Peace; The Modern World. Whether you are a longstanding or more recent resident, you will be fascinated to see how the small village of Ditton has been overlaid with modern developments. There are many illustrations of demolished buildings, old street scenes, and maps dating back to the 1680's. There are references to historical sources, suggestions for further reading and a detail index. The book is a paperback of 176 pages, with 130 illustrations and is priced at £10.00. The book was launched on Sunday 11th September 2011 at Ditton Heritage Centre, New Road, Ditton, where the author, Dr. Alan Dodge, signed copies. Dr. Dodge was born in Ditton and went to the village school. His family lived in the village for four generations.

Copies of the book can also be obtained by telephoning Cllr. Mrs Liz Day on 01732 840937 or Cllr. Tony Mulcuck on 01732 844195.


Ditton Parish Council is considering the development of a parish self help plan for Ditton which can be put into action in the unlikely event of an emergency situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare, the environment or the security of the UK.The plan would be developed in conjunction with Kent County Council, to produce a strategy to enable the parish to activate an initial response to an emergency until the professional emergency services arrive. The aim of the plan would be to identify a Community Response Team Leader and volunteer Team Members, who would activate the plan, manage resources, deliver vital information and give reassurance to residents. It would identify a manned point of contact for information, identify the locations of rest accommodation and facilities, identify volunteers with specific skills and identify and list useful equipment and its location.

If you have any knowledge or interest in assisting with developing an emergency plan, have any skills that would be useful in an emergency situation i.e. Doctor, Nurse, First Aider, Vet, Fire Fighter, Plumber, Mechanic, Farmer, volunteer etc., or have any equipment that would be useful i.e. tractor, trailer, portable generator, water pumps, medical supplies, chain saw, 4x4, ropes, etc., and would like to be involved in this project, please contact the Clerk to Ditton Parish Council, Nicola Greenaway, on 01732 844749, email here.


Our dedicated PCSO is Sally Doherty (contact details awaited). If you have any concerns about unlawful or unacceptable behaviour in Ditton, please make contact with the KCC Community Warden, John Newton (07813712081).


Each year the Environmental Health section at the Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council receives a large number of complaints alleging nuisance due to smoke from garden bonfires.

Whilst it is accepted that people will light bonfires from time to time to dispose of garden refuse, it should be noted that this may well cause nuisance and annoyance to neighbours and prevent them from enjoying the use of their garden. Because of this, it is the least acceptable method of disposal; the most preferred being to compost the garden waste. If this is not practicable it should be taken to a local Waste Disposal Site, e.g.


. Tovil Household Waste Recycling Centre, Burial Ground Lane, Tovil Green, Maidstone;
. North Farm Transfer Station & Household Waste Recycling Centre, Longfield Road, North Farm Industrial Estate, Tunbridge Wells;
. Dunbrik Transfer Station & Household Waste Recycling Centre, Main Road (A25), Sundridge, Sevenoaks; and
. Household Waste Recycling Centre, Button Street, Swanley.

We suggest that the following guidelines will help to prevent a smoke nuisance from being caused:

1. Compost as much garden refuse as is possible and burn only when there is no other reasonable method of disposal.

2. Garden refuse should be dry before burning and care must be taken to add material to the fire only in small quantities. The sudden heaping of large quantities of refuse onto the fire will produce large quantities of smoke. The Golden Rule to follow is to feed the fire little and often.

3. Never add household refuse, plastic or rubber materials to the fire or sump oil to try to light it.

4. Site the bonfire as far away from neighbouring properties as is possible.

5. Do not light a bonfire when the weather conditions will cause problems. The bonfire should only be lit when the wind is light and steady, and in a direction that will cause the least annoyance to neighbours.

6. Bonfires can be dangerous and should never be unattended. Do not allow the fire to smoulder, as this too creates large quantities of smoke; dowse it properly with soil or water.

There are no byelaws currently in force within Tonbridge & Malling Borough to control the lighting of bonfires. However, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, smoke and ash from a bonfire that is causing nuisance to persons in the vicinity can be deemed to be an offence, rendering the person having the bonfire liable to prosecution. It is not the Council's wish generally to take legal action when you are undertaking activities within your home and we suggest that consideration to neighbours along the lines mentioned above, will go a long way towards preventing a nuisance from being caused.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Environmental Health at the TMBC Council Offices, Gibson Building, Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4LZ, telephone number (01732) 844522.

Ditton Twinning Association

Activities Update.  For an update on our recent and 2012 planned activities, please click here to go to the web page about the Twinning Association and Rang du Fliers. 

image of French Flag - Ditton is twinned with Rang du Fliers

Highway Faults

Highway faults can be reported direct to Kent Highway Services on 08458 247 800 or via the website at www.kent.gov.uk. Anyone wishing to report faults via the post can do so on the report cards which are available from the Ditton Parish Office or local main library.


Did you know there are Brownies in Ditton?

Being a Brownie is an adventure with lots of exciting and challenging things to make and do - come and have an adventure on Wednesday evenings.

We meet at the Guide & Brownie Headquarters, Kilnbarn Road on Wednesdays 6.00pm to 7.15pm.

We are currently recruiting and you need to be between the ages of 7 - 10 years to join.
For further information, please contact Sue Hadaway on 01732 845401 or visit http://dittonbrownies.moonfruit.com.

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