A Parish community self help plan

Ditton Parish Council is considering the development of a parish self help plan for Ditton which can be put into action in the unlikely event of an emergency situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare, the environment or the security of the UK.

The plan would be developed in conjunction with Kent County Council, to produce a strategy to enable the parish to activate an initial response to an emergency until the professional emergency services arrive.

Ditton - The Story of a Kentish Village

This new book published by Alan Dodge and the Ditton Heritage Centre, traces the history of Ditton from the Stone Age to today. It tells the story of a small farming community of four farms, two mills and a church, which by 1801 had a population of only 98.

The book commences with an introductory chapter that describes the different parts of the village with the origin of names of places and fields. There is a brief account of local geology. Subsequent chapters are entitled;


Parish Tree

The Parish's Tree Warden and Grounds Supervisor are currently undertaking a Tree Survey of all trees on Parish land. The targetted trees (those that overhang footpaths and areas where people are likely to walk underneath) will be tagged and monitored for maintenance purposes.  



The Parish Council have taken into account all of the ideas and comments from local children and residents and are pleased to announce that the current playground will be closed from this monday 3rd March for the new equipment to be installed.  Posters of the new playground are on display in the Parish Office, local schools and preschools. The playground will reopen during the school Easter holidays.

Thank you for your patience during the installation process.